First Baklava-Greek Dessert

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I was lucky to have a baklava specialist came to teach me how to do his family secret recipes.It took almost 2 hours to get it done for my first try.I must confess I didn’t pay attention so I can’t remember all ingredients I need.


1.Baklava flours

2 Honey

3 A lot of nut ( I remember he has a  peanut grinding machine)

5.dried licorice

I was having fun doing .The baklava came out great.The taste is alike the one I bought from bakery.




Bear Burger

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1.Left over steak 2 Burger Buns 3.Lettuce 4.Cheddar Cheese 5.Seaweed 6. Sausage 7.Tomatoes

I went to Smith&Sch………I don’t really remember the full name but it is in Copley.And I had a huge steak as my dinner.I couldn’t finish it so I took it home and….

I was inspired to do something cute today with my leftover steak.

This couple is so lovely but next time I should try plain bread.Sesame  made them look like they have a lot of pimple.Again,it was not easy to make  eyes,nose and ears without tools.

I waste a few piece  of cheese  and seaweed.