White Sage Smudging


I am going to move a new place tomorrow.An older lady from my work told me to do this smudging ceremony to purify the room before moving in to get rid of the  negative energy and bless the room so I can live peacefully.I did what she suggested  but before I did the smudging ,I spent 1 hour to clean the room as it was dusty( and it’s a process in smudging ceremony too)

After the smudging, I read a lot articles  about this ceremony .It lead me to a house blessing and  feng shui.

They said if you put furniture or items in a specific way people in the house will live happier.They can be success in career,money,love …etc…

The simple rule of house blessing and feng shui are keeping it clean,organizing  and putting clutter away.

I think it’s logical.If I live in a clean house,I will definitely be happier and  feel great with every thing that I do.



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