Bedroom Cleaning-Bed commanding position

I am really  like my bedroom because it has a big space so I can put more furniture in.I left a few old furniture at my old place so my new   bedroom is so empty  now which is not a bad thing.I start with cleaning the floor to get a shiny hardwood floor.I used dishwasher  mix with mild detergent( I think I have  to come up with a  better solution).I position my bed  in an idealistic fengshui position.The bed should not face the door and it should not against 2 walls.I will do  a lot of decoration and improvement. I probably put  a headboard  or very big pillow for support and 2 nightstands.Also I have to do something with my working desk and my small fridge.It is not supposed to be in bedroom but I don’t have anywhere else to put.


Home cooking Fresh Roll

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This dinner,I  have fried pork,papaya salad,fresh vegetable,peanut sauce mix with eggs.This is my roommate’s idea.It is  the most healthy meal I have ever have in 3 months. The process of eating this is put anything that you like in a green leaf,pour peanut sauce on top and you will get your own fresh roll.