Beef stew

Home-made Beef stew  on a cold rainy day.


1.Beef for stew(the one with the fat not the  lean meat)

2.Carrot,Celery and potatoes

3 Instant seasoning for beef stew( I used McCormick  brand)

4.Salt and peppers

5.Vegetable oil

6.Big onion and garlic


photo (39)


1.Cut beef as a medium size cube and  mix it  with salt and pepper

photo (41)

2.Stir fired  with vegetable oil until it turns brown

.photo (42)


photo (43)

3.Pouring flour on cooked beef

4. Stir fried onion and garlic until they turn yellow.

photo (44)

5.Pouring water and instant seasoning in the pan,wait until it boil,put cooked beef in the pad

6.Stir about 20 minutes

photo (45)

7.Put celery carrot and potatoes in and stir  or leave  about 40 minutes

in a simmer range.

8 .If the gravy is not thick,put more flour.

photo (46)

9.Serve hot.

I think I put too much flour this time.The potatoes made soup very creamy so I should not put more flour.