Beef stew

Home-made Beef stew  on a cold rainy day.


1.Beef for stew(the one with the fat not the  lean meat)

2.Carrot,Celery and potatoes

3 Instant seasoning for beef stew( I used McCormick  brand)

4.Salt and peppers

5.Vegetable oil

6.Big onion and garlic


photo (39)


1.Cut beef as a medium size cube and  mix it  with salt and pepper

photo (41)

2.Stir fired  with vegetable oil until it turns brown

.photo (42)


photo (43)

3.Pouring flour on cooked beef

4. Stir fried onion and garlic until they turn yellow.

photo (44)

5.Pouring water and instant seasoning in the pan,wait until it boil,put cooked beef in the pad

6.Stir about 20 minutes

photo (45)

7.Put celery carrot and potatoes in and stir  or leave  about 40 minutes

in a simmer range.

8 .If the gravy is not thick,put more flour.

photo (46)

9.Serve hot.

I think I put too much flour this time.The potatoes made soup very creamy so I should not put more flour.



Bedroom Cleaning-Bed commanding position

I am really  like my bedroom because it has a big space so I can put more furniture in.I left a few old furniture at my old place so my new   bedroom is so empty  now which is not a bad thing.I start with cleaning the floor to get a shiny hardwood floor.I used dishwasher  mix with mild detergent( I think I have  to come up with a  better solution).I position my bed  in an idealistic fengshui position.The bed should not face the door and it should not against 2 walls.I will do  a lot of decoration and improvement. I probably put  a headboard  or very big pillow for support and 2 nightstands.Also I have to do something with my working desk and my small fridge.It is not supposed to be in bedroom but I don’t have anywhere else to put.

Home cooking Fresh Roll

photo (35)

This dinner,I  have fried pork,papaya salad,fresh vegetable,peanut sauce mix with eggs.This is my roommate’s idea.It is  the most healthy meal I have ever have in 3 months. The process of eating this is put anything that you like in a green leaf,pour peanut sauce on top and you will get your own fresh roll.

White Sage Smudging


I am going to move a new place tomorrow.An older lady from my work told me to do this smudging ceremony to purify the room before moving in to get rid of the  negative energy and bless the room so I can live peacefully.I did what she suggested  but before I did the smudging ,I spent 1 hour to clean the room as it was dusty( and it’s a process in smudging ceremony too)

After the smudging, I read a lot articles  about this ceremony .It lead me to a house blessing and  feng shui.

They said if you put furniture or items in a specific way people in the house will live happier.They can be success in career,money,love …etc…

The simple rule of house blessing and feng shui are keeping it clean,organizing  and putting clutter away.

I think it’s logical.If I live in a clean house,I will definitely be happier and  feel great with every thing that I do.


Healthy Easy Fried Rice $0


This menu is really easy to make. Every time I ran out of Idea or don’t have much ingredients,I will throw any vegetable in my fridge to the pan.It is yummy every times I cook fried rice.


Cold rice,onion,green pea,carrot,egg,fish sauce,vegetable oil,chicken breast.

I had these stuff in my fridge so I didn’t spend even a penny on this meal.

First Baklava-Greek Dessert

photo (25)

I was lucky to have a baklava specialist came to teach me how to do his family secret recipes.It took almost 2 hours to get it done for my first try.I must confess I didn’t pay attention so I can’t remember all ingredients I need.


1.Baklava flours

2 Honey

3 A lot of nut ( I remember he has a  peanut grinding machine)

5.dried licorice

I was having fun doing .The baklava came out great.The taste is alike the one I bought from bakery.



Bear Burger

photo 1


1.Left over steak 2 Burger Buns 3.Lettuce 4.Cheddar Cheese 5.Seaweed 6. Sausage 7.Tomatoes

I went to Smith&Sch………I don’t really remember the full name but it is in Copley.And I had a huge steak as my dinner.I couldn’t finish it so I took it home and….

I was inspired to do something cute today with my leftover steak.

This couple is so lovely but next time I should try plain bread.Sesame  made them look like they have a lot of pimple.Again,it was not easy to make  eyes,nose and ears without tools.

I waste a few piece  of cheese  and seaweed.